We, at Khussro Films, have a passion for film making and revere any work related to filming and entertainment and believe that the most effective and powerful medium of reaching out to the sensibilities of the vast masses is through the magic world of cinema.
This powerful medium of human expression creates dreams for those looking out to the world as their playing field, it makes dreams a reality, it makes the hearts come closer and distances disappear, it makes the world to shrink into your fist.
Khussro Films, A Production Service Company, has been into this business of making dreams a reality since more than 25 years. The journey began with providing production support and planning for the International Filmmaking fraternity wanting to shoot films in India and there has been no looking back since then. Khussro Films has most successfully helped out a number of film makers from across the world to make films not only in India, but also in countries as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and endeavours explore any location across the world.
The speciality of Khussro Films in the filmmaking business is the understanding of the needs of the filmmaking world and matching up with the professionalism required and timely delivery matching up with the most challenging needs in this business.
Hence a long journey undertaken and various hurdles cleared for KHUSSRO FILMS to boast of a backup of trained professional crew, a vast location archive in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma), an excellent backup of advanced cinematic equipment, logistical support, Government Clearances, Customs Clearances, Accommodations and Transport and most importantly Casting.
Khussro Films has everything ready for you to come and make a film.