Specialising in Film Production, TV Productions, and all genres of filming activities, Khussro Films has produced, co-produced, line produced, and provided Poduction Service for numerous feature films, TV Films and sequels both independently and for the International Production Houses.
Matching up per the needs of the Producers, Khussro Films provides its services as Co-Producers or a Production Services Company.
Khussro Films believes in absolute professionalism, and hence has mastered the art of producing the film most comfortably and as professionally as it would be treated in the western filmmaking world.
Khussro Films is producing films independently and, it has also ventured into international co-production with various international production companies.
Khussro has provide it's support as a Production Service Company to numerous International productions, namely from Italy, US, UK, France, Canada, China and Spain.
Khussro Films has taken a flexible view of how to fit the overall services to the needs of various film makers most specifically in the hierarchy and order of execution of responsibilities most efficiently and professionally.
Whether Khussro Films take upon an independent production, co-production, line production or simply provide for services as a production services company, the motto and the entire focus of Khussro Films is to deliver most efficiently and productively, everything that the script and the production requires.
While we give the most in terms of production value, we endeavour to achieve the production value to be the highest while making sure it is very cost effective.